Friday, May 19, 2017

#TheStrokeZone Getting Our Focus Back

Being spiritual not religious at #TheStrokeZone We believe the universe steers a persons life path to the right or left through the hard times in our lives. That as we embrace not just the good or easy times, but also embrace the difficult and hard times in our lives and become aware your hard times are really the universe's way of steering our life path to the right or left.
Don't look at your hard times as bad or negative, rather turn away from that situation and you will be amazed what happens! If you do this, and are now look at your hard times as guides, you will find the seemingly negative or bad situations are actually guiding your life so you walk into your ultimate and most powerful spiritual destiny for your life. Only than, can a person be their most successful and powerful they can be.
We believe, every human on planet earth has a divine destiny. You will know your perfect destiny by what inspires you and fills your life with an unquenchable passion. For destiny is like a beautiful women. You will know her by the gift of passion she gives.
So let us all be open to this understanding and awareness to this life truth and unlock our true destiny.

Recently the universe did this with Stroke Zone Productions and Second Chance Stroke Survivors.

A while back we left our original grassroots passion of being focused on primarily helping those in the stroke survivor community and started perusing another direction.
Our grassroots startup was focused on helping the stroke survivor community!

We have all decided to get our focus back to our grassroots movement and focus on the stroke survivor community and no other. This decision has been powerful and has created a huge paradigm shift in positive energy!
We're back in the saddle again!
With powerful love energy,

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